Participation in activities on your own that are a) not an official Special Olympics Minnesota practice or event, and/or b) not under the supervision of a Class A coach, are considered activities that you are participating in at your own risk and are not covered under Special Olympics insurance policies. 

Follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines:

  • Follow social distancing recommendations.
  • Wear face masks.
  • Wash hands before, during and after exercise.
  • Disinfect any sports and/or training equipment you used.

You can reduce your risk of exercise injury by:

  • Wearing the right shoes
  • Using the correct equipment
  • Drinking lots of water–stay hydrated!
  • Warming up and stretching properly
  • Being aware of your surroundings–exercise in a safe and level area clear of any obstacles or other items
  • Maintaining social distancing rules when exercising 

Should I get together with my teammates during any of these events or practices?

No, unless your delegation is participating in the Return to Play in-person practices (see below for Return to Play details). If your delegation is not participating in the Return to Play in-person practices then you must participate on your own. Contact your coach to find out if your delegation is part of the in-person Return to Play program.

You may practice on your own with members from the same household or with a PCA. In-person practices with teammates are only allowed for delegations that have officially been approved for Return to Play.

How do I know if my delegation is participating in Return to Play in-person practices?

You can reach out to your Head Coach or [email protected]

If I participate in virtual or at-home events, will I be divisioned against others? How will I know my place?

Everyone who registers and submits a score will be divisioned by age and score, and their division and place will be posted online at the end of the season.

Can Unified partners and coaches participate?

Yes, coaches and Unified partners can both compete in any of this season’s activities.

What paperwork is required for these events?

  • Return to Play in-person practice – a COVID-19 online waiver as well as all traditional athlete or coach/Unified partner paperwork are required
  • In-person Competitions – a COVID-19 online waiver as well as all traditional athlete or coach/Unified partner paperwork are required
  • Virtual Competitions or at-home events – Individuals participating on their own from home are not required to submit paperwork, although we highly encourage participants to complete the COVID-19 online waiver and update paperwork so that it is ready when you do return to in-person activities. Individuals participating on their own should also read the disclaimer at the top of this page.

How does Return to Play work for the spring sports season?

The guidelines for Return to Play in-person practices have been put together based on guidance from SOI, the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health.  Limitations in the number of people that can attend a practice and a COVID-19 online waiver are two of the many guidelines required for each team and practice. For all details, please visit the Return to Play page.

Are you monitoring current COVID-19 rates? Will this affect what activities are offered or if teams can practice in-person?

Yes, we are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation. Per guidance and recommendation from Special Olympics International, we are monitoring the case rate on a county basis, which will determine whether or not in-person practices and Invitationals need to be suspended. Special Olympics Minnesota is relying on the case rate data from the Minnesota Department of Health and following the same structure that Minnesota Department of Education uses to recommend which learning model a county and school should be in. When a county reaches 50 or more cases over a 14-day period per 10,000 people, then Special Olympics Minnesota will suspend in-person practices for teams in that county.

If my delegation is practicing in-person, what are some of the requirements of a Head Coach or HOD?

In addition to managing your practice and following all of the Return to Play practice guidelines, you must have a meeting with Special Olympics Minnesota prior to your first practice to receive official approval to start. Weekly check-in meetings are also required to make sure all guidelines are followed and that the COVID-19 rate in your county allows in-person activities. Special Olympics Minnesota has the right to suspend in-person practices based on non-compliance or an increased COVID-19 rate that prohibits in-person activities.